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IZT supported the Iraq Training and Advisory Mission (ITAM), as part of the United States Forces – Iraq (USF-I) team, in assisting the Iraqi MoI Chief Information Officer and his staff with in the implementation, organization, training, and sustainment of their Oracle© E-Business Human Resources and Payroll System—project name ―eMinistry.

The MoI was distributing large sums of cash throughout the country each month in order to pay their vast number of employees. IZT certified Oracle© Consultants have helped lead the MoI through a successful implementation and training of Oracle© Human Resources and Payroll. The team met their Go-Live delivery on time, one year from the project start.  The new eMinistry System ensures that employees are paid accurately, fairly, and timely in a standardized, transparent manner, which will contribute to the stability and longevity of the Iraqi Security Forces.

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We completed the overall technical and functional system assessment in the first months and submitted documentation of the Current Business Baseline and Current Technical Architecture Baseline to the customer for review and approval.  We then submitted a Project Training Requirements and Plan document delivered to MG Ali (CIO) and the USF-I, followed by a Training Invitation Memorandum.

Arabic is the primary spoken language in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, and IZT SMES were fluent in Arabic to perform seamless daily operations. All training was done in English and Arabic. In addition, Arabic was used in working with the MoI Human Resources & Payroll staff for design, configuration, testing, and training phases.  IZT delivered on-site, instructor-led and one-on-one training to the GoI and developed an Arabic version of training materials and help files. 

Different project workshops designed for MoI HR and Developer students proved to be very efficient from a knowledge transfer point of view as well as system practice and hands-on contents.  The daily attendance at those workshops, which ran from Sunday to Thursday, 9:30 to 16:00, was almost 95%.  At the end of each day, an Attendance Sheet was signed by all students for each Workshop, and a daily Memo is issued by the respective trainer, which summarized the Topics Covered, Decisions Made, or Concerns Raised during the day. A copy was sent to MoI Management, another one to ITAM-HR or IT, and one was archived in the Project Library for future reference. 

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The Oracle Developer Workshops became the foundation of dealing and understanding Oracle e-Business package software from a HR and Payroll point of view to MoI CIO students. They learned the internal architecture and database model of Oracle HR and Payroll, as well as the other relations with Application Object Library and General Ledger. The Workshops were articulated such a way that the students made steady progress between the different sessions, and their knowledge was assessed on a regular basis with room to come back and cover more complex situation or topics, such as the concept of Primary Keys and Foreign Keys between the Oracle HR and Payroll tables, and how to identify Oracle HR tables from the different HR screens.

A total of 8 HR Workshops were designed, and they serve as the foundation for Oracle HR system knowledge transfer to the HR team, and as confirmation of the MoI business requirements accuracy.

A series of similar Payroll workshops were also conducted.

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The IZT HR and Payroll specialists had a very proactive relationship with the MoI HR team; they conducted interactive hands-on exercises and their steady progress in gathering and analyzing MoI business requirements was noticed and commented on by the customer. While the lead instructor for a topic was running the different HR Workshops, a teammate was taking notes and capturing all decisions made, which in turn, were recorded in the RD050 Business Requirements Scenarios and the system configuration document, BR100 Human Resources Application Setup.  At the end of each HR Workshop day, a memo was written, covering the main topics from that day, along with any concerns and decisions taken. In addition, an attendance sheet was used to record the participants, timing, and a short description of the day. 

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