International Telecommunications Regulatory Infrastructure and Policy Development

The combined experience at IZ Technologies is designed to be purposefully diverse to include experience working for and with a regulator, experience in the creation of policy development and implementation across multiple ICT sectors, senior executive experience working for some of the largest ICT companies in the world, and knowledge of the ICT sector from its inception, including telecom, wireless, and broadband.  We are a team that has experience internationally and intimately with post conflict reconstruction zones.

Eva Wohn. Since 2005, Ms. Wohn has been retained by the Department of State and Department of Defense to serve as Legal Advisor for Telecommunications to the Iraq National Communications & Media Commission, the only independent converged regulator in the Middle East, developing overall legal, regulatory, policy and market strategies based on international best practices.  She advised and managed institutional capacity building, legal and regulatory compliance issues, telecom legislation and the return of the .IQ domain name to Iraq, as well as the policy for mobile and wireless local loop services.  She advised the Iraq Reconstruction Office on the fundamental policies essential to the creation of a competitive and free market for telecom with an emphasis on increasing local penetration, opening the rural markets for mobile services, building of a transparent regulatory infrastructure and open licensing strategy.  Ms. Wohn was the liaison for the Iraq Ministry of Communications on privatization and telecom policy issues.  

Marc Lipton has over 30 years of experience in the development and regulation of telecommunications markets, both in the United States and internationally.  Currently, as advisor to the United States Department of State, Mr. Lipton advises the Iraq Communications and Media Commission on the regulation of state owned monopolies as well as the competitive wireless market.  He advises the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Telecommunications and her inter-ministerial committee on development and regulation of the e-commerce and e-government ecosystems in Iraq.  Mr. Lipton is an expert in cost structures of telecommunications companies.  As legal advisor, he helped develop regulatory strategies that encouraged investment in new technology as the wireless market developed.   Recently, Mr. Lipton was awarded a World Bank funded consulting assignment in Kabul by Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA) and that country’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). Assignment deliverables included the creation of an Open Access policy for national broadband infrastructure, model tariffs to implement the policy and development of a pricing mechanism for the fiber based services to be provided by the government owned wireline carrier to its privately owned wireless ISP competitors. Embedded with ATRA staff, the project required extensive interviews and public consultations with officers of dozens of market participants as well as close coordination with the World Bank Project Manager, the ATRA President and Board, and His Excellency, the Minister. Project deliverables were completed and accepted ahead of schedule.  Additionally, he advised the ATRA Board on mobile payment issues, price squeeze theory and interpretation of terms in existing 3G licenses.

Mr. Lipton has represented buying consortia and recommended changes to broadband regulatory structures in New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, Hungary and Canada.  He currently holds five telecommunications related patents. 

Oliver Dziggel. Mr. Dziggel is widely recognized as a highly effective Chief of Party and manager of large-scale, complex, multi-million dollar projects. In Afghanistan, he has managed more than US$50 million in work, supervised large inter-disciplinary teams of professionals and achieved more than US$30 million in sales. At present, he is a member of the ISAF Telecom Advisory Team (TAT) and advises GEN Allen (previously Petraeus) on the highest priority telecom/ICT issues in the stability and reconstruction domain, which includes restoration of 24/7 mobile services, mobile money, acceleration of the electronic national ID card (Tazkira) and information dominance.

His substantive resident work in Afghanistan since May 2003 has directly resulted in:

- Issuance of four GSM mobile licenses, for a total of US$90 million in license fees

- Growth of mobile subscribers from 1,500 (2003) to 18.1 million (May 2012)

- Private investment exceeding US$1.5 billion cumulative (March 2012)

- Creation of more than 100,000 high-paying, sustainable jobs in the ICT sector alone

- Generation of US$200 million in annual taxes, duties and fees to Afghan treasury

- International competitive tender that produced US$212 million offer for a state-owned enterprise (Afghan Telecom).

He has contributed to the development of the mobile money industry in Afghanistan since January 2007. As the advisor to the Minister of Communications, he managed the docket for electronic commerce at the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) and was his liaison in two rounds of subsequent rule-making by the central bank (Da Afghanistan Bank). He guided the establishment of the legal-regulatory regime by DAB, including policies and procedures applicable to commercial banks and electronic money institutions and helped define the Terms of Reference for a World Bank funded project to deploy an electronic switch that will facilitate interchange of mMoney amongst the five mobile companies (MNOs) and the 17 commercial banks (ATM equivalent). He drafted the ICT Law, which covers electronic commerce, digital signatures and cybersecurity. In 2009, he was appointed by the USG to launch an inter-Agency task force that focused on the application of mMoney to “get the cash off the battlespace” in Iraq & Afghanistan, and he presently leads the implementation of this strategy by the US military in Afghanistan.

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