Information Technology Architecture

Infostructure Support Element (ISE) infrastructure design support, system integration, technical services/implementation

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IZ Technologies provided comprehensive business consultation services that support two areas of the Iraqi economy - Economic Revitalization and Foreign Investment in Iraq, and Development of a Worldwide Market for Iraqi Products. In pursuing this objective, IZT’s support has led to the injection of tens of millions of dollars into the Iraqi economy.  IZT personnel were engaged in a very large effort that was obtaining foreign investment in Iraqi businesses and expanding international markets for Iraqi goods. Our work is distinguished from other organizations providing such services; we were there alongside the Government, performing every step of the process, including initial discussions with potential lenders, development of feasibility plans, establishment of the logistical infrastructure (such as supply-chain management), and compliance with international law and regulations. This service has already obtained more than $30 million in international investments as well as identifying a market for Iraqi agricultural products that could result in $150 million in revenue.

Iraq GIS

ISE Support  IZ Technologies infrastructure design support, system integration, and technical services/implementation activities supported Iraqi business development:

Communicated technical messages effectively through visually and rework diagrams and sketches into polished format using available technology

Developed and implemented communication support plans for selected Iraqi businesses.

Ensured capability and compatibility of all new communication systems

ISE Team

Identified, planned, designed, and implemented strategic communication requirements for Iraqi partnerships with US, European, and Middle Eastern companies.

Managed networking technologies technical and financial evaluation, design, integration, implementation and support.

Planned work with the Iraqi Government and Telecommunication Corporations to expand the communication infrastructure within and out of Iraq.

Provided an assessment and validation of new capabilities after communication upgrades were installed to support Iraqi businesses.

Provided an assessment of current infrastructure including ITPC and all donor and US built facilities to determine status of physical infrastructure, current usage and customers.

Provided on-site engineering support in order to provide independent validation and verification (IV&V) of technical specifications prior to payment by the government for all for ICT initiatives not implemented as deliverables under current contract.

Provided technical engineering and administration to facilitate academia and Iraqi Government efforts in support of task force objectives.

Provided technical engineering support in writing specifications for Task Force Information and Communications Technology sector initiatives in support of economic development.

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